Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Manusia Sering Kebosanan

"Ya..Rasulullah,Salah seorang daripada kami ada berbuat dosa."(sumber dari Uqbah bin Amir r.a berkenaan seorang sahabat menemui Rasulullah saw.) kemudian Rasulullah saw berkata:"Itu akan dicatat." Sahabat tadi berkata:"Tetapi kemudian dia memohon ampun dan bertaubat."Rasulullah saw bersabda:"Dosanya diampuni dan taubatnya diterima."Sahabat tadi berkata lagi:"Ia melakukan dosa lagi."Rasulullah saw bersabda:"Itu akan dicatat."Sahabat tadi berkata lagi:"Tetapi kemudian dia memohon ampun dan bertaubat daripada dosanya itu."Rasulullah saw bersabda:"Dosanya diampuni dan taubatnya diterima."Sahabat tadi berkata lagi:"Tetapi ia kembali melakukan dosa."Rasulullah saw bersabda:"ITU AKAN DICATAT,DAN ALLAH TIDAK PERNAH BOSAN MEMAAFKAN SEBELUM KALIAN SENDIRI YANG BOSAN."(Diriwayatkan Al-Hakim IV/285)
              Sensitiviti yang tinggi terhadap dosa perlu dilihat sebagai satu persoalan yang besar dan jangan sama sekali dipandang ringan.
              Firman Allah:"Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang bertaqwa,apabila disentuh oleh sesuatu imbasan hasutan daripada syaitan,maka mereka ingat(kepada Allah),maka dengan itu mereka nampak(dosa)."(Surah Al-Araf ayat 201)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

week 14 Industrial day

                                                         ~ASsalamualaikum to all reader~

          This week's long-awaited day of project presentations today. initially when we went into the hall feeling increasingly pounding as the project will make a presentation in front of the assessors. on this day of the contests final year project.

          A day before the show we met with advisors projects to show our project works well whether or not, and God bless our great gentlemen and madam naszariah message so confident and do not be afraid time will show. so we took advice as inspiration.

The above picture is of our projects home security alarm. so quite simple. but we are just thankful that they can afford.

this also we produce a few pemplate for our fyp

Backup Video

At above the project was our poster.It also quite simple very unattractive. but we are also thankful.And  also backup video for project if project not function while viva.

After the presentation of our projects provide the assessors have to wait to come in our place. time fear grows stronger. even like that we could take a group photograph to remember.

Everyone is busy making preparations for final year project.

between friends who could visit our.

The picture below it is the assessors we which assess we quite long and questions which were asked the so challenging also but Alhamdulilah we be able answer the with good.

                After been evaluated by the assessors we are relieved and feel a little happy end projects come to an end. although we did not list the projects in 20th of the best projects but we are thankful and grateful to our advisors Naszariah bt Mohd Noor gentlemen who helped us in many generations of the end of the project. do not forget also to our friends and family too much to give encouragement get to this point. Thank you all

Friday, 19 April 2013

week 13 : poster and pemplete

                                                      ~ Assalamualaikum to all reader ~

           Suspense turns getting abusing day ahead. This week we need to see Madam Naszariah supposed to receive further instructions what we do so we have to be prepared. But madam told to our to see at monday week 14. So we just follow up.

            we ask other friends they had completed their projects only to wait for the time to come. This week we are supposed to prepare a poster for Industrial Day the show at Gemilang Hall.

Wish us succesful at the day ..Insyallah ameen..^_^..

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

week 11 and 12: Prepared draft Report Fyp Project

                                            ..Assalamualaikum to all reader..


         For two weeks we must prepared sent draft report to our supervisor Madam Naszariah.
there are also meeting this week to provide a description of the report. So , we just follow instructions from our madam to  prepared the draft  report and many correction we have and we must correct with very well before sent the final report.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Week 10 : Combination circuit

                                                      ..Assalamualaikum to all reader...

After done our troubleshooting for our circuits,now we are going to combine our circuit in this week. The picture below shown our circuit combination process. We hope that our circuit will function as far as possible. Wish me luck!

This time we get one trouble because we want do the combination to ic timer but after we truobleshoot. The led still not funtion very well..

But we will try do the best for our Final Year Project until two circuit function with very well..
May Allah bless Us Insyalllah amin..^_^..

Friday, 15 March 2013

Week 9 : Trobleshooting circuit

Looking nice after we rub with sand paper.

After we eching go the next step is troubleshoot..

At the early time we do the troubleshoot because is not operate but after we doing many time and we get detect the trouble. soldering to LED is not tidy circuit path blocked.

And Alhamdulilah finally we get the solution we can solve the problem very well for ultrasonic motion..^_^..

 Thank you a lot to everyone family,our friends exspecially to advisor madam naszariah because helps support to us.^_^..

Friday, 8 March 2013

Week 8 : Contruct Housing and Circuit..

                                                      ... ASSALAMUALAIKUM...
            For this week, my partner and I was starts doing our circuit construction.Firstly we need to design mini housing and  we need also to construct it on the breadboard first in order to make a testing to make sure the circuit will be function smoothly.

1.Design Housing:


We just take from housing senior last semester and just only  modify and makeup until unique..^_^..

We also use any tools for design this houses,,

2. PCB circuit design

         firtsly we cut the pcb board follow the real size so easy to soldering component on board.Then, we doing step by step in hostel using the any tool what we have..

 We rub with sand paper remove bits of dirt on board. Then we print pcb on photopaper. best woo .

After that.we rub the pcb board with iron until stick.

And finally, we doing the eching pcb board ulthrasonic motion and circuit ic time..